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Jonathan Rhodes


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Jonathan Rhodes’s credit list


Programme Name Character/Role Channel/Company Year
Parents Richard Hopkins Sky/Objective Productions 2012
Life's Too Short Maitre D' BBC/HBO (Dir: R.Gervais & S.Merchant) 2011
Shirley Compere BBC/(Dir. Colin Teague) 2011
M.I.High (V) Chief Agent Stark (Regular) BBC/Kudos Film & Television 2011
M.I.High (IV) Chief Agent Stark (Regular) BBC/Kudos Film & Television 2010
Shoot The Writers Comedy Sketch Characters ITV1 2004


Film Name Character/Role Director Year
Breaking the Bank Dale Vadim Jean 2014
Squat Chris Barron Nic Auerbach 2014
Mohammed (Short Film) The Bank Manager Mustapha Kseibati 2013
Hysteria PC Fugate Tanya Wexler 2012
Big Society (Short Film) Jonathan (Lead) Nick Scott 2011
School Portrait (Short Film) Photographer (Lead) Nick Scott 2011
Driver (Short Film) Anorak Stephen Fingleton 2010
The 7th Dimension Declan (Lead) Brad Watson 2009
Infamy (Short Film) Jeremy Garrett David Millerick 2008
Captive (Short Film) Executive (Lead) Gus Alvarez 2007
The Other Half (Short Film) The Boyfriend (Lead) Nick Scott 2007
Towel Talk (Short Film) Mr Steinwine (Lead) Matthew Golding 2006
Confetti Velociraptor Groom Debbie Isitt 2006
Deadpan Valentine Scott (Lead) Robin Lindsey 2005
Life, Translated Mr Fisher Agan 2004
The Ultimate Truth Monty (Lead) Tom Swanston 2003
Through The Looking Glass The Friend (Lead) Craig Griffith 2002

Theatre and Live Performance

Tour/Event Name Character/Role Venue Year
The Roman Bath (Revival) Banev National Theatre Sophia 2011
The Roman Bath Banev The Arcola Theatre 2010
A Life In The Theatre John (Lead) Pleasance One, Edinburgh 2008
One Nineteen The Celebrity (Lead/Ensemble) The Arcola Theatre 2007
Holding Court Multiple Characters Palace Theatre Watford/Royal Court 2005
Occam's Razor Mike (Lead) The White Bear 2001

Advert, Commercial & Idents

Name Character/Role Company Year
Car Buying Advisor All Three (leads) Vadim Jean @ The Mob Co. 2014
E-Sure USA Comedy Dad (lead) Guard Brothers @Smuggler 2013
Park Inn UK Hero (Lead) NS Films Hamburg 2011
KFC: Nighthunger Ken/Werewolf (Lead) RSA Films 2008

Radio, Music & Voice Recordings

Name Character/Role Station/Album Year
The Martian Chronicles Biggs BBC Radio 4 2014
Do You Do A Didgeridoo? All Voices for Children's Book 2009
Too Ghoul For School Children's Audio Book Narrator 2007
Monty Python Spamalot Game Multiple Character Voices 2007
Blake's 7 Audio Adventures Chief Prosecutor BBC Radio 2007

Video, DVD and CD

Name Character/Role Company Year
Restricted Intelligence Jack (Lead) Twist & Shout Ltd 2013

Podcast and Online Content

Name Character/Role Website Year
New Eden (Animated Web- Series) Hamilton (Lead) 2013
The Progressive Adventures Of Mr Vista Mr Vista (Lead) 2008

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